Friday, July 9, 2010

Conversations with new friends

These messages from some of the people I've met while in Kenya are making me smile:


I MISS YOU MY DEAREST. Hey my friend,i ave to confess that it wasn't easy to part with you swilly ,it was such a short time having known u Emilly,but honestly its like years.i miss you so much and am lookng to see you again,u were nice to me.and incase i ave ever b offend you, (unknowngly)l pray 4 yr forgiveness,i was mad when ghana was bitten bt they left me with no choice bt to lose hope with soccer.i arrivd safely,and you?love M


hey hey emily...

how you keeping... its been a bit of a frenzy last week... just landed back in town this evening and luckly found out that my flight is at 8am tomorrow morning and not 11pm as i had thought... was planning to give you a call for a quick drink before i rumbled but alas my confused head and disorganisation cut that out....

so.... its a bad way to say goodbye.... though i do believe there is no such thing as a goodbye, just a pause to the next hello...

ok... time to run off into the wind and learn how to dance like a cheetah.....

chat to you soon..
mangos and magic buttons



Hi, hw r u doing, hop u r okay. We really appreciated for ur kindness and trust even though u didnt knw us. To us u were an Angel from heaven. We r so glad we met u. Wen can u come n say hi to us n see more of kenya? We would really love that. Can u pls send me the rest of the pictures if its possible. Thanx in advance. Do have an enjoyable day.

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