Friday, June 4, 2010

Flight, etc.

Copied from email home:

The flight was sensational. I got a random upgrade to business class on the 12-hour leg to Dubai. It was amazing. Complimentary champagne! Dividers so I didn't have some guy drooling on my shoulder! A seat with a mattress that reclined ALL THE WAY, with a built-in massage! All the movies I could ever want to watch! Hot towel for your face, miss? Don't mind if I do!

Got a glimpse of Dubai before we touched down. What an intense-looking city. Even the airport is a trip. I wish I could have explored it a little. Oh, well - next time.

The 5-hour flight to Nairobi was back to business as usual. I was able to sleep a little, but I was still swaying with jet lag as I disembarked, filled out my visa form, withdrew shillings from the ATM and busted out my first few Swahili words (positively flaky with rust) in 4 years while arranging for a "teksi" to the hostel. I had a stupid grin on my face the whole drive into town. The flat-topped trees! The people selling bananas in stop-and-go traffic! The SMELL! I was back!

The hostel is seven or eight bucks a night and the staff is super-friendly and helpful. There's a restaurant attached where I had a celebratory meal of chapati and beans before passing out early. This morning I met a couple of Swedish college students who are here researching their economics theses. They showed me where to get delicious fruit salad for breakfast, pointed me toward a coffee shop with free wireless internet, and tipped me off to a place where I might be able to rent a room for a reasonable price that's not far from the A24 office. As soon as I have a phone and an address, I'll send my new contact info.

I love you all madly. I'M SO HAPPY! :)



Later, from my sister: "I read your email aloud to Ryan this morning and he said, 'Your sister is always so happy when she's homeless!'"

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